Tuesday, November 10, 2009 High School Reform: J-27 – scholarships but no papers – Colleges and IUT – My diary offered high school reform: J-27 Monday, 9 November stood at the Ministry of Education, a multilateral meeting on high school reform.

of Tuesday, November 10, 2009 High School Reform: J-27 – scholarships but no papers – Colleges and IUT – My diary offered high school reform: J-27 Monday, 9 November stood at the Ministry of Education, a multilateral meeting on high school reform. Until then had held bilateral meetings between each union and the minister’s office. We can read on the websites of different unions (SNES, SE-UNSA have already published reports). We can read the Pedagogical Cafe site, an attempt to synthesize the information that came out of this important meeting. The main information concerns the accompanying 2h that are included in the students’ timetable (we still do not know which is reduced from the existing). Both times are also in the service of teachers. The organization of these two hours would be defined by the school board. For Mr. Chatel, the resources allocated to these hours, but also the class overlap already at work should contribute to increased autonomy, since they will be globalized in an envelope that headteachers will manage according to the project of establishment .. the character "class determination" of the second class is strengthened. A common core, which includes the LV2 is associated two exploration teachings of 1:30 each. New programs will be established for these disciplines as from September 2010 (in fact, they are already ready since last year …). The first class would be undifferentiated with a core representing 60% of the timetable and including the history, geography and new programs. TPE will be maintained with a specific schedule. It is also envisaged new teachings. It is a teaching of scientific methods, literature and issues of the contemporary world, the fundamentals of the economy (which appears at first glance like a war machine against the SES). Tutoring will be offered to students who ask. They will have the same reference (teacher, CPE, …) for 3 years. We also note that there will be a statute for "sit" the school board and that this project is based, as we pointed out, largely on institutional autonomy. Trade union reactions are still scarce. SNES seems worried that autonomy and weakening disciplines. The SE-UNSA (and apparently the NMS) emphasize the possible levers of change from the same school if they seem disappointed by the lack of ambition of the reform. Although more is known, the project is not completed either. The minister has not yet decided, and the minutes made by the unions therefore be taken in moderation. The unions will be received separately from the 17 November to the Ministry to stop details of the reform to be presented to the Higher Education Council on 10 December. What future for the reform after the abandonment of the last year? This will especially consider what are the reactions of teachers and disciplinary associations. The breakdown between core teachings and "exploratory learning" can indeed revive, like last year, the competition between disciplines underlines Luc Cedelle in the supplement "World Education" dated November 11. Each wanting to be both in the core and have preserved their schedules. The students are also an essential variable result of this reform, and there may be a protest upmanship between the student unions. And according to a formula often heard, "the students is like toothpaste, it’s easy to make out but much more difficult to go …" Scholarships but no papers Communications Operation in the Ministry of Immigration and national identity. Students of the two "reception classes" reserved for newcomers poor command of French, Parisian lycee Paul Valery, were guests Monday at Eric Besson. Group photo in the garden, petit fours and speech. The goal was to show that if the Republic expels, she knows how to reward the children of immigrants, provided they are brilliant. Eric Besson took the opportunity to announce the creation this year of 200 student scholarships in the amount of 2,400 euros per year, allocated for up to three years and "rewarding exceptional efforts of integration." Veronique Soule in Liberation says that candidates will be on scholarships based on social criteria and have attended reception classes – proof they go far and are well deserving. They must also picking up the tray with as good or very good, and enrolled in IUT (University Institute of Technology), BTS (Patent of higher technician), or prep class. Those who choose college are excluded … Wearing the badge RESF (Education Without Borders Network), a teacher denounced the contradiction between welcoming all students and expel as soon as they are 18 if they are undocumented. A list of fifteen families was sent to the ministry. As noted by Veronique Soule: why cling to class and try so hard if parents are undocumented … Colleges & IUT Le Monde offers a record of great schools. They will feel neglected while universities have been catching up. They are also criticized because they are blamed their inability to open up to new audiences and their propensity to reproduce elites. Worse, colleges, appear much like a "French exception" while the universities that are standard in the world. The evolved to include a group of universities and colleges for the "critical mass" desirable in the global competition. This is the challenge of the creation of research centers and higher education (PRES), supposed to bring universities, research organizations and schools. In the same paper we find a forum of several IUT presidents who fear for the survival of their institutions. The financial autonomy granted to universities by the LRU law could they think of "endangering" the 115 existing IUT have they said Tuesday at a news conference before being received by Minister Valerie Pecresse. By granting universities autonomy, the LRU of 2007, in fact, ended the "signs" of means and set budgets "globalized" that presidents can manage according to their priorities. The UNPIUT is concerned that "the presidents of the universities want to reduce the IUT to classic status of other UFR." We must preserve the network of IUT and the national diploma that is the DUT because they meet the needs of business "in training of middle and senior technicians, has said the head of this group of university presidents. My diary offered operation "My complimentary newspaper", which we mentioned a few days ago a great success. it device is to provide a free subscription to the daily press for 18-24 years, works so well that the editors and the government can not meet all demands. in less than a week, free subscriptions of quotas publishers by the Ministry of culture and communication, have been met or exceeded. Among the national daily, Le Monde clearly tops. on 3 November, to talisait 19% of applications, before L’Equipe (12%), Liberation (11.6%) and Figaro (8.2%). Some publishers still expect to make an offer to young people who are unable to receive their subscription because of the quotas imposed by the ministry. This is the case of the World, which will give a free subscription to his site for a year. The author of this column can only rejoice to see the interest of youth in the press. Read and do read newspapers! Good reading… ——————————————— – Liberation.fr of 10/11/09 (some paid items) Congratulations but no papers for students "performing" Eric Besson has received deserving high school students from two reception classes. And did not want to discuss their situation of undocumented migrants. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 10/11/09 scholarships for good students of the integration the Immigration Minister, Eric Besson, on Monday launched this device awarding 200 young people each year. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the Monde.fr of 10/11/09 the promotion of press operation with young people is a huge hit Who says young people do not read the press? The operation "My complimentary newspaper," which is to provide a free subscription to the daily press for 18-24 years, so successful that publishers and the government can not meet all demands. The idea was retained following the States General of the press to give young digital generation the experience of regular reading of a newspaper. Read more of the article AERES rectifies its ranking of medical schools The Research Evaluation Agency and Higher Education (AERES) acknowledged that an error had crept into the calculation of percentages medical students ranked in the top mile contests internship homework help for college students
. Therefore, AERES has given us a new table aside and correcting one entitled "Results for the 2006 internship contest in 2008 and coaching staff," that we had provided and that we published in our edition October 14. Read More Article Colleges: a model in danger The initiative is rare, but it made noise in the landerneau of schools. On 1 October, Paul Jacquet, President of the Conference of French engineering schools, interpellait Valerie Pecresse proxy letter. It expressed aloud what many managers are thinking. To speak only of the universities and their transformation ( "What was needed," hasten to add directors), Minister of Higher Education said nothing of great schools. Read More Article Colleges "critical mass" required minimum they merge and reorganize. In a French university landscape changing, reconciliations of schools succeed at a breakneck pace in recent months. In April, six engineering schools Bordeaux created the Bordeaux Polytechnic Institute (IPB). In June, the Lille Commercial College announced her engagement to CERAM, Nice business school. In September, Rouen INSA decided to merge with ENSI Caen, another engineering school. Even more dramatic, the talks have pledged in recent months between Telecom schools and those of Mines to create a common network of ten schools within the same school. Read more of the article 30%: the percentage of stock to achieve in large schools in the establishment of that contract must sign Sciences Po Paris, Tuesday, November 10, with Valerie Pecresse, Minister for Higher Education, the establishment led by Richard Descoings undertakes to receive 30% of the stock in 2012 (against 21% today). Ms Pecresse should take the opportunity to ask the schools to set the same goal. The average is now around 15%. The goal should not be difficult to achieve. According to the Ministry, the preparatory classes for schools have already reached 30% of the stock this year. Read More Article Colleges: a French exception on borrowed time? Read the full debate with Pierre Tapie, managing director of ESSEC and chairman of the Conference of schools Read more of the article IUT are a chance for the university and vice versa Established in 1966, the IUT always brought loud willingness professionalization and link with the professional world. They proudly display the "U" of "university" in their logo and it’s a chance for the latter to have within them components as dynamic and attractive. […] The signatories of this letter, President-e-s university and directors-directors of IUT in the Paris region, want above all that this system which made the reputation of our institutions can continue to benefit our students. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 10/11/09 fewer school board, more than ghettoization A report of the Court of Auditors points to the deleterious effects of the relaxation of the school map. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 10/11/09 ———————– Nothing see … ————————- the Cross of Nothing seen … 10/11/09 ———— ———————————— echoes (some paid items) of 10/11/09 the IUT could be jeopardized, fear their chairs the financial autonomy granted to universities by the LRU may "jeopardize" the institutes of technology (IUT), estimated Tuesday at a press briefing the presidents of IUT before being received by Minister Valerie Pecresse. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 10/11/09 Nothing seen … ——————————– —————- Rue89 of 10/11/09 Nothing seen … ———————- ————————– West of France 10/11/09 in Rome, a therapy for Internet addicts Roman hospital detoxifies those who can not do without Facebook and other MSN.Il helps them out of the trap of the Web. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 10/11/09 Nothing seen … —————————— ———- Le Nouvel Observateur Permanent 10/11/09 ————————- Nothing seen … ————— the Express.fr of 10/11/09 ——————- Nothing seen … ————————— the Teaching of High School 10/11/09 Coffee: the guidelines adopted by the Department November 9 personalized support, TPE, strengthening the educational council: high school reform is accurate even if the final trade-offs are not made and if gray areas remain. Read more of the article The school suffering Editorial Monique Royer We expect the H1N1 virus and is suffering at work that seems to seize up the wheels of our economy. Suicides at France Telecom have reminded us that sad banality: the work can kill not just by accident but by a slow and insidious process that takes away self-esteem and desire to live. Suffering at work leads fortunately not inevitably suicide. Minor injuries or major clashes, the pain is expressed more or less intense. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 10/11/09 Nothing seen … ——————————- —————————- A selection from the dispatches Chatel 10/11/09 intends to go "after easing the school map "Minister of Education Luc Chatel said Tuesday on France Info that he intended to" go after the easing of the school map ", discussing the subject with teachers unions. Read more of the article A year in prison for an accounting of IUFMs having embezzled 448,000 euros A former accountant of the University Institute of Teacher Training (IUFM) of Versailles was sentenced Monday by the correctional court of Versailles a year in prison for embezzling 448,000 euros between 2000 and 2006. Read more of the article informed unions proposals on the reform of high schools the "proposals" on high school reform, including a "common core" premiere and "exploratory learning" on the second, were presented Monday in the teacher unions and school leaders, have we learned in the Ministry of Education. Read more of the article Pecresse brings "new guarantees" to the IUT Minister of Higher Education Valerie Pecresse said Tuesday in a statement "provide new guarantees to IUT" after a meeting with representatives of presidents and directors IUT, worried about their management autonomy. Read more of the article The Kingdom student organization has a new president, Olivier Vial The Kingdom, the third student organization (right), which also includes representatives of the students and teachers, renewed the weekend its instances and appointed as the new president Olivier Vial, she announced in a statement. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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