Sudden Awakening: Stop Your Mind, Open Your Heart, and by Eli Jaxon-Bear,Gangaji

By Eli Jaxon-Bear,Gangaji

Everybody desires to be at liberty. regrettably, particularly few in attaining bliss. Eli Jaxon-Bear explores the way it is feasible to accomplish lives jam-packed with gratitude and love. precise happiness and that means are completed, he asserts, after we get up, cease our minds, and open our hearts. it's then that we find our actual selves; our middle id that's a part of the last word dwelling intelligence of the universe; our real source.

Like Gangaji, Jaxon-Bear makes use of a mode of self-investigation known as “self-inquiry.” within the mild of direct self-inquiry, obstacles that after looked as if it would outline ourselves are chanced on to be extra like obvious traces drawn on water. They exist merely at the floor of recognition in one’s mind's eye. whilst those illusions of brain are truly uncovered, actual unlimited being finds itself.

This is a ebook that may attract those who find themselves enthusiasts of Gangaji, Byron Katie, and Eckart Tolle. it's an articulate and important expression of a route to success for these wrestling with questions of identification and meaning.

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